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Computer network is a collection of computers that are interconnected with each other. There is said to be a network for communication or reciprocal relationship between a computers with other computers. In order to communicate with the computer must be connected or connected through a network device or network traffic of the call with a connected topology. Topology a computer with the specified path and different. This difference affects the speed, cost and ease of accessing data..
Miscellaneous network topology

Ring topology
Topology network ring topology is a ring or ring-shaped. This topology is said to be a ring topology for a circle so the computer is connected by means use data manages a token for all permissions will or send data. Ring topology is very easy to make and economical in the use of cable but it was very affected topologies to damage if one hit by problems in wiring for all computers will be affected even error .

Bus topology
Bus topology or topology queue is a queue-shaped network topology that there is one server and several commuter client neatly arranged and ends with a single printer that can be accessed by all computers connected. This topology uses a BNC cable, and at one end there is a connector for connecting between computers. This Topology give installation and error checking and saving in the use of cables but this topology also vulnerable to damage and very difficult in solving the problem because there are too many queues and consumed within the places must use a repeater.

Star topology
Called a star topology or a star topology network topology or the star-shaped. This topology is said to be a star topology because computers are interconnected and focused on the HUB switch that controls all the activities of the computer connected to the HUB. This topology is widely used and easy to but problem solving can be detected one by one commuter connected but this topology requires a considerable cost.

Mesh topology
Mesh topology is topology instant or directly. Said topology directly because this topology directly linked to the commuter destination without going through a computer or HUB switch first. So can be regarded as a pear to pear networks. The network topology is very fast because it is connected directly but this topology costly because it uses single cable because it has quite a lot of input and output are integrated in a difficult and complicated

Tree topology

Tree topology is a topology shaped or branched trees. This topology is a combination of all topologies connected in one traffic data placed somewhere or room. This topology is widely used, especially in a company or an office but this topology apart easily in the discovery of the problem but requires a lot of cables for distances as well as the needs of the connected topology requirements and slow in accessing data.